DJ Kool Herc makes a statement to MTV
February 1, 2011

Yesterday, we reported that Kool Herc needed surgery and has no health insurance to pay for it.

Legendary DJ Premier was the first to break the news on his radio show.

Alyse Feldman, Herc’s publicist; told me the legendary Kool Herc made a statement to MTV about having no Health Insurance in America, earlier today.

“We live in one of the superpowers of the world!” Herc said in a statement to MTV News on Tuesday (February 1). ” ‘Give me your tired, your poor … ‘ and then you don’t take care of them? There should be no weak ants in the colony. There shouldn’t be anyone fighting for health care! This has been going on too damn long! We fought for 1520 Sedgwick to get landmark status, and in 2007, New York State officially recognized it as the ‘Birthplace of Hip Hop.’ Now we are fighting for health care not just for me, but for everyone. I see this situation as another quest for me to shine light on a sensitive issue for the community. I’m an instrument of God. I’m here for a purpose and I want to be here for the solution.” Feldman made it clear that Herc was in good spirits but needs the surgery.

Kool Herc made a cameo appearance in our new documentary, “The Best Of: BlacksInActionTV.Com”. If we get wide distribution for our documentary, some of the proceeds will go to Kool Herc and the children of Notorious B.I.G. and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Click pic below to see the trailer of our documentary featuring Kool Herc.

UPDATE!!! here is the official link to Kool Herc’s website where you can donate.

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